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I have one question. What is good testing way, Microsoft.VisualStudioTestToolsUnitTesting or by Nunit_framework testing.

If I have this`

public Branch CreateOrEditBranch(Branch branch)
       using (var scope = CreateTransactionScope())

       return branch;
I have branch metod. and branch have properties(name,user,adress and so) , and positive test need be if all properties will be full, if not,then it will be negative test , after it will show msg , that something is wrong.

Now how can i wrote this test by good way. i wrote it like this `

public void BranchTest()
        try {

              Branch negative = new Branch()

                  AccountantPost = "Post",

                  Accountant = "Accoutant"`,

                  Address = "Address",

                  BankCode = "Code",

                  Manager = "Manager",

                  ManagerPost = "Post",

                 OpenDate = DateTime.Now,

                 CloseDate = DateTime.Today,

                 User = "marin",

                 Modified = DateTime.Now,




catch (Exception ex)


Is it right ?
I hope someone can help me :(

Thank you.
Updated 4-Aug-14 4:08am

1 solution

Hi You can check for null conditions of each of the variables using an AND condition as shown below:

bool? isValid = null;
Branch positive = new Branch();
// Assign values to the instance here.
isValid = positive.BranchID != null && positive.Address != null && positive.BankCode != null;
Assert.AreEqual(true, isValid);
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Marine Azizyan 5-Aug-14 2:37am    
Thank you very much .
Vijendra(VJ) 5-Aug-14 3:50am    
Can you please accept this as answer if this works for you.
Vijendra(VJ) 8-Aug-14 5:33am    
whats the problem Mr. Marine Azizyan?
Isnt this working ?
Marine Azizyan 8-Aug-14 7:11am    
No, already i finded solution for it. So your wrote code isn't working like a test, anytime thank you.

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