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Hi all

I am working on a task and I am in a jam, I have learned fairly a lot about the nature of MD5 encryption (or hash encryption, there are a ton of terms). I also know that there is a namespace called -Cryptography that I can use while coding in C# to encrypt strings in the MD5 hash encryption. However I have to match existing data. The catch being that I am out by a few 0’s... eg. 123 = 202cb962ac59075b964b07152d234b70 on a site that I use to encrypt/decrypt passwords for testing the program, however using the cryptography class I will get the following : 202cb962ac5975b964b7152d234b70 out by two 0’s. (used text compare for this)
I have done everything I can think of to see why this is happening, the 0’ are not unique in any ways, it seems to be a different form of MD5 encryption or something. I guess I am asking for help, in any form really, information, suggestions, maybe even a question I should be asking myself.

I know MD5 is not something for a newbie like me, however at the current moment I am both fascinated by it, but frustrated and am running out of ideas. Any form of help will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance
[no name] 2-Jul-14 8:26am    
The main question that you should be asking yourself is, "How does my posting fit into the Quick Answers section of this website when I am really looking to have a discussion about MD5 which is not encryption but a hashing algorithm".
Star_Rookie 2-Jul-14 9:29am    
I suppose that this question was just me asking for help, is it wrong to post it here where someone might be able to refer me to a site or give me insight that will assist me in solving my problem? I fail to see this as a discussion when it is an issue I am having.
[no name] 2-Jul-14 10:47am    
What "issue" is it that you are referring to? All I see here is someone that does not know what MD5 is asking for "information, suggestions, maybe even a question I should be asking myself." which is a disccussion.
Star_Rookie 3-Jul-14 0:42am    
Clearly you do not agree that this is/was a question, however, someone was kind enough to understand what I was having trouble with and helped me solve my problem, as you can see by the fact that it has been solved. I am sorry that you feel I am trying to start a discussion by asking for help on a public site for developers who need help or assistance.

1 solution

Please check your code. I copied the example in this MSDN page: "MD5 Class"[^], changed the input string from "Hello World!" to "123" and eventually got the correct result.
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Star_Rookie 2-Jul-14 9:37am    
CPallini thank you so much. I guess I was over-complicating things! This worked as far as I have tested it. Thank you kindly, I sincerely appreciate the help.
CPallini 2-Jul-14 11:15am    
You are welcome.

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