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as the title,I need to know which office bitness installed on my x64 pc.
I checked regedit and did not find any tip.

Maybe I can find the install path, and check the pe header, but it's Complicated, I want check in NSIS script, so the easier the better.

Any tips? thanks a lot in advance.
Updated 21-Jun-14 1:52am

If the executable files (winword.exe, excel.exe, outlook.exe, etc.) are located in "%SystemDrive%\Program Files", you have the 64-bits version.
If they are located in "%SystemDrive%\Program Files (x86)", you are dealing with the 32-bits one.

Indeed, if standard installation path is changed, this method won't work.
According to SO: How to programmatically detect 32-bit or 64-bit visio version is installed?[^], you have some more options:

- you can check in the registry whether corresponding keys exist in HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Office (64-bits) or HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Office (32-bits)

- you can use the GetBinaryType function[^]
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BCN-163 21-Jun-14 8:51am    
if user change the default install path, this will not work. a little dispirited. thanks for your tip.
BCN-163 21-Jun-14 9:07am    
I find a solution from microsoft
but I can't call function MsiLocateComponent because it's not exported. keep going
phil.o 21-Jun-14 9:47am    
Please see my updated solution.
BCN-163 8-Jul-14 11:32am    
thanks very much, man
# Written for PowerShell
$ComObject = New-Object -ComObject excel.application
IF($ComObject.OperatingSystem -like "*32-bit*"){
Write-host "Do This for 32-Bit"
}ElseIf($ComObject.OperatingSystem -like "*64-bit*"){
Write-host "Do This for 64-Bit"
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