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I want to create Yahoo or Gmail account using my windows application.

Is there any API's available for this? How can i integrate that API into my c# windows application

I'm having the required fields for the registration in my Windows application form. How to pass these values into the Yahoo or Gmail site.??

I need your Suggestions....

Thanks & Regards,
Peter_in_2780 12-Jun-14 2:53am    
You are most unlikely to find such APIs. Services like Yahoo and Gmail really really want their users to be human. Imagine what would happen if spammers could use an API to set up email accounts.

You can't do such things and there are no API for that. How can you pass the Human Verification or Captchas?
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The only thing that you can do is using Google, Microsoft, Facebook or Yahoo as Identity provider in order to authenticate users. So , if it's the case refer to WIF(Windows Identity Foundation)
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You can't register by using program, so called "bot" in internet world.
Only human can register it.
There is a captcha system which is designed only readable by human.
However, you can try to write a program that can read the captcha image, of course.
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I remember doing something similar few years back. I implemented a WebBrowser Control, thereby loading the Website (Sign up page in your case) inside that.

Then use WebBrowser.DocumentCompleted Event[^], which gets fired when the document is fully loaded.

Now, you can loop through all the controls in the page and assign values to them.
HtmlElementCollection theElementCollection = yourWebBrowserControl.Document.GetElementsByTagName("input");

foreach (HtmlElement curElement in theElementCollection)
    string controlId = curElement.GetAttribute("id").ToString();

    if (controlId == "Email")
        curElement.SetAttribute("Value", "");

Here it is looping through all the controls, finds the Email field by its Id and assigning value to that.
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[no name] 12-Jun-14 4:49am    
You can't do such things. And to prevent such things Google and Yahoo use Captchas.
It works for Sign in page. I have done that. But you are right. It might not work in case of Sign up, if captcha will come into picture.
VIP Venkatesan 13-Jun-14 8:32am    
Thanks for your(Manikandan10,Tadit Dash,Jafarinejadvazifehkhorani,adriancs) response friends. finally what is the conclusion for me?

sign up is possible or not?

and what is that BOT concept?

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