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Hey guys,

I was able to pull this result from ajax in json format and print it on an html
[{"id":"207","Title":"Test","GenreName":"Action","EntryDate":"2014-05-06 19:13:14"}]

Now I cant figure out how to diplay this data in a table, with each columns for Id, Title, GenreName and EntryData. I cant find sample codes from google either. Or at least I cant comprehend what I saw there,.

Also if you'll notice the result have [] on it, on other examples I dont see Json format having that kind of style, I dont know where it came from since my controller only did echo the data from the model.

$('form.ajaxForm').on('submit',function() {
                        type: 'POST',
                        url: 'http://localhost/AnimeInventory/index.php/maincontroller/testForAjax',
                        data:{ search: $("#searchInput").val(), searchType: $("#searchTypeID").val() },
                        dataType: 'JSON',
                        success: function(smg) {
        return false;

public function testForAjax(){
        echo json_encode($this->inventoryModel->search()); 

Updated 9-May-14 20:38pm
DamithSL 10-May-14 2:35am    
update the question with how you do the ajax call and where you get this json value
KatsuneShinsengumi 10-May-14 2:38am    
I have the code block listed now.

1 solution

[] means ARRAY in json, you have array of objects in your json result. But array contains only one item.
few links for display json array in table[^][^]

hope this helps you. :)
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KatsuneShinsengumi 10-May-14 2:42am    
Oh yeah, because in my model I return result_array. So that's why. Thanks,
DamithSL 10-May-14 2:44am    
Ok, i have added few links for you. you will find how to display json results in a table.
KatsuneShinsengumi 10-May-14 15:15pm    
Hi, I think this is useful if the table is going to be created for the data. I forgot to say that, there's already an existing table with values from database. What I need is to replace table's data.

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