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Here is my question: three .c file is defined , in two file contains structure variable. And another file having array variable which contains name of structure variables.

it is possible to find size of stucture.


               void one()
                          struct a{                    //define structure in .c file
                              int al;
                              char b;
                             typedef struct a a11;

                      //define structure variables in .c file
void two()
                              struct a1{
                                     int c1;
                                  typedef struct a1 a111;
                                  struct b1{
                                          char c2;
                                          char g;
                                  typedef struct a1 a111;

here another file three.c,

void main{

 char a[3][10]   //two dimmensional array for storing
                       name of variables.

   printf("%d",sizeof(a[0]))  ;

//which stored structure variables name;
my question is: it is possible to find size of a11,a111 in this file.
Updated 25-Feb-14 23:27pm
Krunal Rohit 25-Feb-14 23:10pm    
Format your code here properly.

Stefan_Lang 26-Feb-14 4:30am    
I've fixed most of the formatting issues for you. Please, next time do use the built-in functionality - it looks like you used some external HTML editor, and that really doesn't work well on this site!

Anyway, at the very least you should verify that the question really looks the way you expected rather than "fire and forget"! There's even a preview at the bottom of the page for entering questions!

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three.c has no knowledge of the definitions you hid in one.c or two.c. How could they know? That is what headers are for. Read up on headers for C/C++.
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gupta_abha 27-Feb-14 1:11am    
@permalink: if i decalre in each .h file and include .h files in that file i want to size of the variables then it is possible.
Stefan_Lang 27-Feb-14 2:38am    
As I said - that is what headers are for. It is in fact the very reason C/C++ *needs* header files: to provide information of data types and functions in other parts of the application!

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