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i want to add paypal payment function in between upload or download .. like pay this amount to download XYZ.exe software or pay this much amount to upload XYZ file
Richard MacCutchan 31-Jan-14 4:58am    
Go to the paypal website, it explains how to use the features.
C0DE_007 31-Jan-14 5:55am    
Richard .. i am using buynow button but not getting it what link have to put in re direct option because after finish pay re direct and user will can start downloading that particular thing which they have selected .... so i can't use 100 different buynow button and put different different re direct link in buynow button ? i want one link which automatically catch information which item have selected by users so after payment it will re direct and start downloading ... or uploading ?
C0DE_007 31-Jan-14 5:58am    
if jquery can help in this so plzz help me it will be like step by step method by using jquery superbox effect so in jquery superbox will open paypal payment after log in and all function new jquery superbox will open in that box download button show ?? just like google wallet .. it open jquery box ask for card then user can download
C0DE_007 31-Jan-14 6:01am    
but problem is that how to open paypal website in jquery superbox ..!!
.... this are some research

superbox is like fancy box it open at same page

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C0DE_007 31-Jan-14 6:11am    
Trushnak can u send me the whole working code....? i like the links... but i am llittle bit confuse in this plzz tell me ok ... example user select xyz.mp3 i have put re direct link in paypal name { } after payment pay pal will re direct this link .... but how the link will cache the song name ?? which item is selected by user ? is it in .mp3 or .apk or in .exe ?? how ?? and link this if user want to upload the file <form action="process.php" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data">
<input type="file" name="file" /><br />
<input type="submit" name="submit" />
</form> so how will upload_process.php start will i was put it in paypal ? how the link will cache the file name etc ??
C0DE_007 31-Jan-14 6:12am    
if any one having any better solution then plzz tell me guyzz .. thank you soo much guyz for helping me .... i really appreciate :)
first store in SESSION before sending data on paypal , and after getting successful page , confirm your session with Paypal IPN data in it you can trace the item name you passed , then auto download tab is open ..
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