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I have this List
Dim Lst as New List(of Array)

Can I search this list for an exact and get the index without using a loop.
For example search for 47, he will get found Lst(1)

Dim Lst As New List(Of Integer())
Lst.Add({12, 100, 58})
Lst.Add({25, 47, 23})
Lst.Add({15, 19, 203})

Dim index = Lst.FindIndex(Function(n) n.Contains(47))
Note that the List is a List(of Integer()). This enables you to call the Contains() method in the Lambda expression that is the predicate of the FindNext() method.
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Member 9451601 15-Jan-14 14:15pm    
I noticed you wrote List(of Integer()) Instead of List(of Array())
But you added an array and not an integer
So can you explain
Meshack Musundi 15-Jan-14 14:48pm    
The arrays you are adding to your list are arrays of Integers so it's a List(Of Integer()) (List of Integer arrays). Note the opening and closing brace after Of Integer.
Try this:
Dim Lst As New List(Of Array)
Lst.Add({12, 100, 58})
Lst.Add({25, 47, 23})
Lst.Add({15, 19, 203})
Dim arrIndex As Integer = -1
Dim i As Integer = 0
For Each arr As Integer() In Lst
    If arr.Contains(47) Then
        arrIndex = i
        Exit For
    End If
    i += 1

This will print 1. If you search for an integer that doesn't exist, it will print -1

How this works: you iterate over each array in the List, and if that array contains 47, the arrIndex variable will be set to the index of the array in the list.
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