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Hi All,

I am using Visual studio 2010 ultimate, now I want to add AnkhSVN to visual studio for that I downloaded the same from internet and installed.
Then only I noticed I cant find Source control option in Tools --> options menu.
Only 4 options are listed below that
1) General
2) Environment Fonts and colors
3) Text Editor HTML
4) HTML designer

Where can I add my source control to my visual studio.
I googled, some sites suggested me to install TFS, but Visual studio 2010 ultimate comes with TFS by default.

Where am I missing?
Any tips will be greatly appreciated.

Updated 25-Oct-22 19:11pm

Hi All,

Finally I got it,

Tools Menu--> Options

In that wizard below there is one checkbox called "Show all settings", checked that option
Now all the options are listed including "Source control" options.

Now I am able to change the source control in visual studio.

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In case you don't happen to know this (maybe you do, maybe you don't)...

There's really no need to use SVN within VisualStudio... it doesn't buy you anything and you can easily use it outside of the IDE. The IDE keeps track of when the files are updated outside of it and will ask you if you'd like to reload the files (when changes are detected, if you happen to use SVN while IDE is open).

TortoiseSVN[^] has a great interface that makes things easy to do and it's completely independent of the IDE.
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♥…ЯҠ…♥ 11-Nov-13 22:58pm    
Having said that,I have one doubt - irrespective of source server I can use any source control tools to do check-in and check out?
Albert Holguin 11-Nov-13 23:06pm    
Yes, that is correct, you can use anything.
♥…ЯҠ…♥ 11-Nov-13 23:23pm    
Thanks Albert.... Different source control among the team to share the source code is not possible am I right?
Albert Holguin 11-Nov-13 23:41pm    
It would defeat the purpose of having a good, complete history in a repository... So, nope.
Albert Holguin 11-Nov-13 23:42pm    
I should clarify... I mean yes, you are right, its not a good idea to use different types of source control within a team.
Tools->Options->Web Forms designer->enable legacy webforms designer and Source view ->OK ->Restart the system

It will display the Source button in bottom of editor
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Richard Deeming 26-Oct-22 5:16am    
Your solution has nothing to do with the question, which was solved nine years ago. There is a massive difference between the "source view" option and a source control system.

Stick to answering new questions unless you have something new and interesting to add to the discussion. And if you do want to answer an old question, make absolutely sure you have understood the question before posting!

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