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Myy problem is that i have an application the app can b read RSS feeds and display them on my page or screen. Also i have used the timer to reload the component of rss feed. I have set some matching keywords like if some keywords match with rss feed result then it will open in a new tab. This works fine when the browser is active but when i am working on any other task or open another window and my browser goes to an inactive state . So now i want to fix this issue how i can fix this ? When the browser is in active the app is not opens the new tabs.

My Code Is :
foreach (var item in Model.Items.OrderByDescending(a => a.PublishDate))
                lebel = "New";
                bool ismatch = CommonFunctions.KeyWordsMatches(item, KeyWordsArray, LebelsArray, _settings.Value);
                if (ismatch)
          "@item.Links.FirstOrDefault().Uri", '_blank');
            @rowCount -  @item.Title.Text.ToString()  "color: rgba(255, 0, 0, 1)">  @timeAgo
        <div id="demo_@rowCount" class="collapse">
            <p>Link: <a href="@item.Links.FirstOrDefault().Uri.AbsoluteUri" target="_blank">@item.Links.FirstOrDefault().Uri.AbsoluteUri</a></p>
            <p>Publish Date: @item.PublishDate.ToString()</p>
            <p>Description: @Html.Raw(item.Summary.Text)</p>

What I have tried:

I have checked permissions and Browser setting but it is all fine, but still not working
Updated 22-Apr-24 3:24am

I believe this is a modern security feature of browsers. Most browsers will not allow windows to be opened without direct input from the user. For example, browsers may require a "click" event, or form "submit" even, or even keyboard press.

The reason for this is simple: websites shouldn't just be able to open whatever windows they like when the page loads. Back in the day it used to be a gamble going onto a website as to whether they'd spawn a bunch more windows redirecting to advertising or even malicious websites.

In your case this would be especially true, a window that's not active and sitting in the background definitely should not be able to spawn new windows or tabs.
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Aman Zoraiz 23-Apr-24 2:10am    
Thank You for Responding it was helpful
There is no fix for this because it's a security feature. From the MDN Web Docs page on
Modern browsers have strict popup blocker policies. Popup windows must be opened in direct response to user input, and a separate user gesture event is required for each call. This prevents sites from spamming users with lots of windows. However, this poses an issue for multi-window applications. To work around this limitation, you can design your applications to:

* Open no more than one new window at once.
* Reuse existing windows to display different pages.
* Advise users on how to update their browser settings to allow multiple windows.
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Aman Zoraiz 23-Apr-24 2:11am    
Thanks for responding

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