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hey folks, my dynamic HTML is way out of date so I need someone to unstupid me. I have local HTML files (not online, but stored locally on the user's machine) that I want to put dynamic content in. It used to be JQuery was what was for dinner but I hear that's out of fashion these days. It seems everyone is using React, but isn't that server side as well? What dynamic framework should I be using for strictly clientside content? (HTML5+Javascript)

What I have tried:

I haven't tried anything yet. It's not really applicable here.

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I've just started recently looking at JS frameworks and tooling too.

React is a UI framework. You need something like Next.JS to handle things like routing. For the back-end JS, you need to look at something like Node.JS.

This is an interesting read: How Does Angular Compare to React?[^]

If you're going down the React path, you'll need this: React Developer Tools[^].

FWIW, jQuery is still current. There was a recent major release: Official jQuery Blog | New Wave Javascript[^].

IMHO, I would steer away from jQuery, as it is showing it's age, and use JS with Typescript and framework(s) of your choice.
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honey the codewitch 3-Apr-24 5:23am    
The problem with React (and maybe I'm wrong) is it requires server side. I need strict HTML/CSS/JS. That means no typescript, no server transformations, etc.

I might be stuck with JQuery.
Pete O'Hanlon 3-Apr-24 5:58am    
You have to explicitly enable server side rendering in React. It's a client-side framework by default. Angular is also client-side, and requires a connection to external services.
honey the codewitch 3-Apr-24 5:59am    
Graeme_Grant 3-Apr-24 6:37am    
You may want to check out Pete's book: Advanced TypeScript Programming Projects[^]
Graeme_Grant 3-Apr-24 6:35am    
Beat me to it ... thanks.

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