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I received an email with an answer to my question. Unfortunately, I deleted it by accident. When I went to the page with my question "Why first onchange JavaScript function works, but not the next"

Page is here
Why first onchange javascript function works, but not the next.
But the solution sent via email is not. Any way I can find that response?

What I have tried:

I tried looking for it on the site, and even used google.
Richard Deeming 3-Apr-24 5:17am    
Based on the comments, you've already found the solution: JavaScript is case-sensitive, so parsefloat will cause an error, whereas parseFloat won't.

If that hasn't solved the question, maybe try updating it with the current version of the code, and the dev tools console output.

There is a good chance that the "solution" was deemed as spam and removed along with the author. Normally, the system spots these and prevents you being notified at all, but if it got through the system and was spotted later then it would have been removed before you got to your question.

We can't see deleted messages: they aren't kept for all the obvious reasons!
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The answer that Dave gave you in the comments answers why you were seeing the problems in the code. You should be able to ignore any answers that appear and disappear. As Griff says, this was most likely a spam answer.
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