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I was working on a package using the language JavaScript.
And I met up with a problem.
How can I link assign a varible?
Like this:
<pre lang="Javascript">
 var a = document.querySelector("div#foo").style.width;//$("div#foo")
 var b= 12;
 a=b;//want the value of 'a' to be 'b' not a itself.

What I have tried:

I have tried the above code but the logic doesn't work.
Graeme_Grant 23-Mar-24 20:13pm    
What does the browser Dev Tools console say?

1 solution

1. You should not use var[^] normally, you should be using let[^] or const[^] instead.

2. For selecting elements by id, it is better to use getElementById()[^].

3. looking at the element style for the width will only return a width if you set the style, it will not return the actual width. For that you need to use a function - getBoundingClientRect()[^]

4. The width[^] property is a length[^]. Lengths require units to give a value meaning. using var b = 12; is an invalid length. See the length[^] for all of the valid units.

So, your final code should be:
const a = document.getElementById('foo');
const b = '12rem'; = b;

Learn to use the tools available to you to debug your code. Debugging is an invaluable skill for writing code and fixing bugs. See this: Debug JavaScript  |  DevTools  |  Chrome for Developers[^] and this: The Firefox JavaScript Debugger — Firefox Source Docs documentation[^]

You need to take the time and learn the basics of the language. Mosh is a great trainer. Here is his YouTube series on Javascript: What is JavaScript? - YouTube[^].

Also, you need a good reference. Here is what I use: MDN Web Docs[^].

Lastly, learn to use Google Search[^]. It is a key research tool for programmers.
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