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I have a Web App that runs in chrome. I use it in a windows environment without problem. I just had my wife who uses an M2 fancy Mac, try a control click (mouse tap) an element and it did nothing. She said that if she tapped control (tap and release) then clicked the element it worked. She also contends that on a remote connection to her windows 10 machine at work that holding control on the Mac and tapping C or V to copy and paste works.

Lovely. So I'm wrong again.

This is just javascript onclick="Somefunction()" stuff nothing out of the ordinary.

What do I need to do to accommodate these special people and their Macs?



What I have tried:

Nothing - I can't formulate a google search to describe what amounts to a domestic issue.
Amarnath S 23-Mar-24 2:35am    
On Mac, I believe you've to use the Command key instead of the Control key.

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