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I am trying to beat a HackerRank problem where am required to concatenate the date elements into a single integer and check whether the number formed by the concatenation is divisible by either 4 or 7. I am using a while loop to iterate through the dates between the given dates but my code is printing 8 instead of 5 to the terminal for the test case with start date as "02-08-2025" and end date"04-09-2025". Both dates are inclusive

What I have tried:

public class Solution{
static void Main(string args[]){
     //read date from the user
     var input = Console.ReadLine();
     var date1 = input.Split(new char[]{' '})[0];
     var date2 = input.Split(new char[]{' '})[1];
     //Parse date objects out of the strings
     DateTime A = DateTime.Parse(date1);
     DateTime B = DateTime.Parse(date2);
     int lucky = 0;
     while(A<= B){
           //Get a string representation of the date and    //replace the hyphens
           var str = A.ToString("dd-MM-yyyy").Replace("-","");
            var i = Int32.Parse(str);
            if(i%4==0 || i%7 ==0)
                lucky ++;
         //Update the day A
         A = A.AddDays(1);

Richard MacCutchan 26-Feb-24 12:47pm    
I just ran that code and it gave 5 as the answer.

Add some print statements so you can see the values being used as the code runs. Or just run it in the debugger.
Tim the Gamer 26-Feb-24 12:56pm    
When I ran it on HackerRank web portal, their output shows my code giving 8 as a response. Does their site have a bug?
0x01AA 26-Feb-24 13:04pm    
I would guess it is maybe something with 'dd-mm-yyyy' vs. 'mm-dd-yyyy'
I'm pretty sure your code will print 5 when you enter "08-02-2025 09-04-2025" ;)
Tim the Gamer 26-Feb-24 13:16pm    
No Hacker Rank explicitly say that the format should be dd-MM-yyyy
0x01AA 26-Feb-24 13:22pm    
I mean it will show the correct result on your system. On what OS HackerRank runs I dont' know.

To be on the safe side then use explicit format definition for DateTime.Parse(date);

Something like this:
DateTime A = DateTime.ParseExact(date1, "dd-MM-yyyy", null);

I don't know Hacker Rank, that why a way too much assumptions in my answer, sorry for that. Btw. see also the comments to the question.

Assumption: Hacker Rank runs on a US OS and therefore will take e.g. for date parsing the US conventions for date which is 'mm/dd/yyyy' and by chance this works with your test interval without exception. In case you would e.g. enter '29-12-2025 31-12-2025' your current implementation in the question will throw an exception.

Hacker Rank does explicitely request to supply the date as 'dd/mm/yyyy'

Instead of simply use DateTime.Parse which uses the OS settings you need to use a more specific method like DateTime.ParseExact

Finally using ...
DateTime A = DateTime.ParseExact(date1, "dd-MM-yyyy", null);
DateTime B = DateTime.ParseExact(date2, "dd-MM-yyyy", null);
... should solve your issue.

With DateTime.TryParseExact you can parse a Date without throwing an exception in case an invalid date has been typed in. It is then your job to handle this situation in code.

I hope it helps and sorry for my English ;)
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Maciej Los 26-Feb-24 14:30pm    
0x01AA 26-Feb-24 14:34pm    
Thank you Maciej!
Richard MacCutchan 26-Feb-24 15:03pm    
Your English, and your explanation, are both fine.
0x01AA 26-Feb-24 15:26pm    
Thank you very much :-)

I would suggest doing something along these lines.

string[] input = "02-08-2025 04-09-2025".Split(' ');
DateTime startDate = DateTime.Parse(input[0]);
DateTime endDate = DateTime.Parse(input[1]);
int luckyNumberCount = 0;
for (DateTime date = startDate; date <= endDate; date = date.AddDays(1))
    var n = int.Parse(date.ToString("dd-MM-yyyy").Replace("-", ""));
    if (n % 4 == 0 || n % 7 == 0) luckyNumberCount++;
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