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I wanted to work with Chrome browser, so these is what I did-

1. Edge Browser uninstalled from PC.

2. Changed this code in Settings.json file-
"liveServer.settings.CustomBrowser": "chrome",

3. Now, the Live Server is opening with Chrome.

4. But, it is not refreshing the page, after saving the code.

5. There may be conflicting rules in Settings.json so, I am adding them for reference.

What I have tried:

  "workbench.colorTheme": "One Monokai",
  "editor.tabSize": 2,
  "[html]": {
    "editor.defaultFormatter": "vscode.html-language-features"
  "beautify.onSave": true,
  "beautify.JSfiles": ["js", "json", "jsbeautifyrc", "jshintrc", "ts"],
  "git.enableSmartCommit": true,
  "javascript.format.semicolons": "insert",
  "editor.fontSize": 18,
  "editor.wordWrap": "on",
  "prettier.endOfLine": "auto",
  "json.schemas": [

  "editor.fontLigatures": false,
  "editor.mouseWheelZoom": true,
  "terminal.integrated.fontSize": 18,
  "debug.console.fontSize": 18,
  "chat.editor.fontSize": 18,
  "markdown.preview.fontSize": 16,
  "editor.fontVariations": false,
  "window.zoomLevel": 0.25,
  "liveServer.settings.CustomBrowser": "chrome",
  "workbench.editor.enablePreview": false,
  "emmet.includeLanguages": {
    "django-html": "html"
  "editor.codeActionsOnSave": {
  "source.fixAll": "always",
    "source.organizeImports": "explicit"
  "settingsSync.ignoredSettings": [],
  "launch": {

    "configurations": [],
    "compounds": []
  "files.autoSave": "afterDelay",
  "files.autoSaveDelay": 300,
Updated 1-Feb-24 18:15pm
Dave Kreskowiak 1-Feb-24 16:09pm    
Your question makes no sense or is vauge.

How did you change "the default browser from Edge to Chrome"? Describe how you did this.

What does "It is not updating the webpage" mean? Changing a default browser anywhere will not automatically update a web page.

What do you mean by "vc code live server constantly working"?

It seems you're focused on symptoms of a problem instead of describing the real problem you're having.
Dave Kreskowiak 2-Feb-24 1:25am    
WHAT is not "refreshing the page"? Is the page supposed to refresh (like hit F5 in the browser) on its own?

Or are you saying that any updates you make to your web pages are not showing up in the browser when you reload the page?

The quality of the questions you ask directly dictates the quality of the answers you get.

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