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I'm trying to create Micro-services architecture using spring boot, the only challenge I'm facing at the moment is how to configure spring cloud client to pull all the configurations from the config server, the config server gets all the configurations of the services from the native application as shown below.

What I have tried:

Configuration Server Application.Properties File

<pre>server.port = 8088 = native

Config Server Main Class

public class DemoConfigServerApplication {

    public static void main(String[] args) {, args);


Demo department file inside Config server

server.port = 8081
eureka.client.service-url.defaultZone = http://localhost:8761/eureka/
management.tracing.sampling.probability = 1.0

Demo department file as a service = department-service
spring.config.import = optional:configserver:http://localhost:8088

However the service can not get the configurations from the config server

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