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So there is a website which contains some information. I am building an Android app that will show some specific information of that website and whenever the website gets some update, my app will automatically receive a notification about that update, and also UI gets updated.

What I have tried:

I am thinking of a method to scrape that website and store that data in Firebase, then load that data from Firebase to the Android app. I will set some automatic method to scrape continuously after some interval and update that data to Firebase and use FCM to send notifications to apps.

I am asking if this is the right way or if there is another simpler way to do so. Any high-level approach is appreciated.

And yes, I have permission to scrap that website.
Updated 5-Nov-23 1:33am
Dave Kreskowiak 29-Oct-23 11:34am    
How is your app getting notified the website got some update?

Web scraping is a weapon of last resort. ALWAYS go for any API the site may expose before you ever consider scraping a website.
David Crow 30-Oct-23 10:54am    
If your app is not in the foreground, scraping data from a web site is pointless. Do that when your app opens. If the data on that web site changes frequently enough, and your app could remain in the foreground long enough (studies show that most don't), you could set a refresh timer.

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