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I guys.
How can I make a table in WPF VB.NET?
I searched a lot in the web, but I can't find a good answer.

What I have tried:

I thought to add a table, I should use Datagrid.
Datagrid is perfect answer if I use in WindowsForm. But obviously bad answer in my situation, because I am using WPF. Datagrid in WPF is very complex. And also you cannot add new row directly in it, or even erase a row.

So I need kindly help.
Please help me, how can I make a table in WPF VB.NET?
A simple table, that I can directly insert my data to the table. I need something like Excel, or something like 'WindowsForm Datagrid'
Updated 25-Jun-23 1:27am

This is the same issue as you already posted at Error on double click on datagrid in WPF VB.NET[^]. I have just built the program from your original code, and the corrections provided by @RichardDeeming, and it works correctly. If you still have problems then you need to show the actual code, and explain what happens when you run it. So please use the Improve question link above, and add complete details.
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Sh.H. 25-Jun-23 3:06am    
Yes you are right. But I report issues under your answer there.
Would you please kindly see that?
I am going to delete this post from here, and continue there. 25-Jun-23 6:34am    
Something like Excel:
Take a look at Galador.ExcelGrid on GitHub written by our distinguished CodeProject member Super Lloyd. Although it is written in C#, you can probably use the dll in your VB.NET project.
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