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I have a SSIS package that executes a python script by using python.exe . The SSIS package runs from a SQL Agent job using a proxy account (a domain account). This account has an administrator on the server so should have full access to run the python program.
Python is installed on server . Trying to use my windows account(domain account) that has sysadmin access. Also it has access to shared drive where python script is located.

These are imports used in python:
import pandas as pd
from datetime import datetime
import os
import pysftp
import fnmatch
import numpy as np
import glob

These are working fine:
- The SSIS package runs when executed manually.
- The SQL Job runs when executed manually.

Here is where it is unusual:
-When running automatically when scheduled, the package executes successfully only if the proxy account (a domain user) is logged into the server.
-When the proxy account is logged off, the scheduled job fails when trying to execute the python script and giving error as below.

"The process exit code was 1 while expected was 0"

what setting on account or python dependencies I am missing?
Any ideas?

Thanks in advance !! Any help appreciated1!

What I have tried:

I have tried loading all imports mentioned above for python but still getting same error!! the error is also generic so no idea how to come over it.

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