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I have a C# WPF User Control DLL.
I want to show this User Control over a C++ MFC UI.
For communication between them I am using C++ COM DLL (CLR enabled for this VS project).

The IDL file has an entry for the COM function like this:
[local] HRESULT getUserControlComponent([in] int userControlKey, [out, retval] void* userControlObj);

In C++ side I am calling this function like this:
int key = 1;
void* myUserControlInCPP;
myCPP_and_CSharpCOMObj->getUserControlComponent(key, myUserControlInCPP);

This function "getUserControlComponent" calls another C# method 'createUserControl_Instance' which eventually calls the C# user control's CTOR like this:

gcroot<MyCoolUserControlNamespace::DummyUserControl^> userControlDummy = gcnew MyCoolUserControlNamespace::DummyUserControl(); //This is the call to the CTOR.

Here the 'userControlDummy' has non-NULL value.

But when, this the control of the code returns in C++ side, the object 'myUserControlInCPP' has NULL value.

Can someone please help me, why I am getting NULL value for the User Control in C++ side?

What I have tried:

Somewhere on internet I found, it is needed to do like this when dealing with such situations:
C# side code:
HRESULT getUserControlComponent(key, myUserControlInCPP)
    System::Object^ tempUserControlObj = createUserControl_Instance(key); //This function calls the CTOR of User Control.

    myUserControlInCPP = (GCHandle::ToIntPtr(GCHandle::Alloc(tempUserControlObj))).ToPointer();


But this also results in non-NULL value at C# side, but NULL pointer at C++ side.
Updated 26-May-23 4:46am

1 solution

I think you need to put an out on the C# method itself so the compiler knows to pass the changed value back to the caller. Without the out, the changes to the parameter variable are only visible within the method.
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