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The following Code works on another part, but here when the postasync it is executed its return to the try again and again. Any Help pls?
	HttpClientHandler insecureHandler = DependencyService.Get<ihttpclienthandlerservice>().GetInsecureHandler();
	HttpClient client = new HttpClient(insecureHandler);
	HttpClient client = new HttpClient();
	var data = new FormUrlEncodedContent(new[]
		new KeyValuePair<string, string="">("FechaRegistro",  p0),    
		new KeyValuePair<string, string="">("TipoGasto", p2),
		string url = "";       
		client.BaseAddress = new Uri(url);
		var response = await client.PostAsync(url, data); 
		if (response.IsSuccessStatusCode)
// incomplete

What I have tried:

I had checked Api Manual, c# tutorial and other part of my app where it is working
Updated 22-May-23 5:07am
Graeme_Grant 19-May-23 23:48pm    
What is the exception telling you? The answer will be there! Post usually requires authentication first.
Luis M. Rojas 20-May-23 15:28pm    
Nothing, never get there, only try.. postasync, try and postasync
Richard Deeming 22-May-23 3:36am    
That would suggest you're trying to post from an action to itself recursively.

1 solution

The only solution was to insert the in the button_click even.
Why? I do not know.
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Richard Deeming 23-May-23 3:42am    
Since you've not explained your solution clearly, nobody else knows either. Insert the what in the button_click event?

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