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I need to write the Hosoya's Triangle program in Python that print out the following result if we need 5 levels. The function should be recursive and follow the mentioned structure:
def computeTriangle(levels):
def printTriangle(triangle, levels):
def main():

The expected output should be exactly like this:

1  1

2  1  2

3  2   2  3

5  3  4  3  5

What I have tried:

I have tried this code but the output is wrong:
def computeTriangle(levels):
    if levels == 0:
        return []
    elif levels == 1:
        return [[1]]
        triangle = computeTriangle(levels-1)
        row = [1]
        for i in range(1, levels-1):
            row.append(triangle[-1][i-1] + triangle[-1][i])
        return triangle

# Function to print the Hosoya Triangle
def printTriangle(triangle, levels):
    for i in range(levels):
        row = [str(triangle[i][j]) for j in range(i+1)]
        print("  ".join(row))

# Main function
def main():
    # Compute and print the Hosoya Triangle
    levels = int(input("Enter the number of levels of the Hosoya Triangle to compute: "))
    triangle = computeTriangle(levels)
    printTriangle(triangle, levels)

if __name__ == '__main__':
Updated 22-Mar-23 20:00pm

1 solution

Have a look here: Hosoya's Triangle - GeeksforGeeks[^] - it explains what you have to do pretty well, and provides code samples - I'd suggest you largely ignore them as you won't learn much unless you do it yourself.
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Richard MacCutchan 23-Mar-23 5:59am    
Should there be a link at "here"?
OriginalGriff 24-Mar-23 4:09am    
Yep. Dunno what happened there, Total Brain Failure, I assume.

Thank Chrome for Searchable Page History!
Maria61 23-Mar-23 8:18am    
Is there any like or somethings to access the solution?
OriginalGriff 24-Mar-23 4:09am    
Sorry about that - I have covid ATM so my brain appears to have failed. The links in there now.

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