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#include "Queue.h"
using namespace std;
int main() {

	int number;
	int size;
	cout << "Enter size of queue"; 
	cin >> size;
	Queue q1(size);

	for (int i = 0; i < size; i++) {
		cout << "Enter series of number \n";
		cin >> number;

	cout << "The correct order is \n";
	cout << "The reversed order is ";
	while (stk.empty()==false) {;

	return 0;

void Queue::display() {
	cout << "All value of queue are";
	if (!isEmpty()) {
		for (int i = front; i <= rear;i++) {
			cout << arr[i];

		cout << endl;

What I have tried:

I have a problem in display function as it print out garbage value I do not know why??
for instance it is queue implementation I have implemeneted it using array in class with header and cpp file but I have uploaded the code of the main and display fucntion
I have copied code of display function from cpp file just for view
If anyone know a solution it will be apperciated.
Updated 10-Mar-23 7:51am
jeron1 10-Mar-23 13:33pm    
You're probably going to have to add the implementation of the queue class to the original post, use the green 'Improve question' option.

1 solution

I have copied code of display function from cpp file just for view

You need to learn extremly quickly the variables are the glue between different parts of a program.
First, you store data in q1 and stk, then you try to display the data by using arr. How do you think, the program will make the link between those variable ?
Where is the magic that move the data between variables?
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Noran Azab 10-Mar-23 13:54pm    
this is not the problem for sure I have declared variable arr but I did not upload the full implmentation.
Patrice T 10-Mar-23 15:39pm    
Try to build a shorter implementation for this problem.
Nobody will guess what you didn't shown us.

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