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I working on blazor server . i get error evaluation function required all threads to run
i get this error when login on
var resultIdentity = await signInManager.PasswordSignInAsync(UserName, "xxxxx", false, false)

it stop on this line and hang and stuck on debugging
so what is issue and how to solve it

What I have tried:

var resultIdentity = await signInManager.PasswordSignInAsync(UserName, "xxxxx", false, false)
Updated 6-Mar-23 23:18pm

1 solution

That is not an error; that is a message from the debugger telling you that you cannot inspect a particular variable unless you allow all threads to run.

There will be a small icon that looks like twisted threads next to the message or the variable. Click that, and Visual Studio will evaluate the variable's value.

There's an explanation of this behaviour in an archived MS blog from 2012:
Why do we get “The function evaluation requires all threads to run” | Microsoft Learn[^]
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ahmed_sa 7-Mar-23 6:10am    
so are ignore it or what i afraid if stuck when run on server
ahmed_sa 7-Mar-23 6:14am    
are this will happen on server or ignore it
Richard Deeming 7-Mar-23 8:27am    
Either allow the threads to run, or step over the line, as explained in the linked article.
ahmed_sa 7-Mar-23 8:57am    
but this is normal not make issue when run on server application
ahmed_sa 7-Mar-23 9:01am    
so can you help me answer these questions
1- are this issue must solved or this is normal and no impact for it
2- if i publish my blazor web app will stuck and hang on same line or what
please can you answer me for these questions please ?

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