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The cost to ship a package is a flat fee of 75 cents plus 25 cents per pound.
1. Declare a const named CENTS_PER_POUND and initialize with 25.
2. Get the shipping weight from user input storing the weight into shipWeightPounds.
3. Using FLAT_FEE_CENTS and CENTS_PER_POUND constants, assign shipCostCents with the cost of shipping a package weighing shipWeightPounds.

What I have tried:

int main() {
   /* Modify the following code */
   int volumeOunces;
   int volumeGallons;
   cin >> volumeOunces;
   volumeGallons = volumeOunces / 128;
   cout << fixed << setprecision(3) << volumeGallons << " gallons" << endl;
Updated 24-Jan-23 10:26am

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It looks you have grabbed a random piece of code from the net written a code loosely related with the requirements.
That said, creating a constant in C++ it is pretty straightforward, e.g.
const int CENTS_PER_POUND = 25;
In a similar way you create FLAT_FEE_CENTS.
You may then have a look at[^] in order to learn the basics of C++ and eventually complete your assignment.
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BernardIE5317 30-Jan-23 9:04am    
step one was kindly given you by CPallini .
Perhaps the next step would be step two .

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