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I know how to create and link a schedule via the Azure portal to an existing runbook. But now I want to add it via C# code.

The runbook works and doesn't need any change. There is a parameter with the name "Id", which I can enter when using the portal.

A lot of information I found (even from 2023) is telling me to use the Microsoft.Azure.Management.Automation, but this one is deprecated and I see a lot of notes mentioning the Azure.ResourceManager.Automation. Since I don't want any problems with old packages, I use the new one.

That brings me to the following code:

public async Task CreateSchedule(DateTime date, int id)
    if (date < DateTime.Now.AddMinutes(10))
        throw new Exception("The run date should be at least 10 minutes from now.");

    if (id <= 0)
        throw new ArgumentException($"The {nameof(id)} can't be 0 or less.");

    ArmClient armClient = new(new DefaultAzureCredential());

    var subscription = armClient.GetDefaultSubscription();

    var automationAccount = subscription.GetAutomationAccounts().First();
    Azure.Response<AutomationRunbookResource> runbook = automationAccount.GetAutomationRunbook("TheRunbook001");
    AutomationScheduleData scheduleData = new AutomationScheduleData
        StartOn = date,
        IsEnabled = true,
        ExpireOn = DateTime.Now.AddMonths(1),
        Frequency = Azure.ResourceManager.Automation.Models.AutomationScheduleFrequency.OneTime,
        TimeZone = "Indochina Time"

But I get stuck here. I do get to see the found runbook, but that's all of it.

How do I add a schedule to the found runbook? There is no method called "AddSchedule" or "CreateOrUpdate", like some websites tell me.

What I have tried:

I tried to Google the answer and asked ChatGPT, but the only results I get are for the resource groups or deprecated version.
Updated 10-Feb-23 6:34am

Look at this documentation
AutomationRunbookCollection Class (Azure.ResourceManager.Automation) - Azure for .NET Developers | Microsoft Learn[^]

It looks like there is CreateOrUpdate method in this AutomationRunbookCollection class. You can get instance of it from GetAutomationRunbooks method from automationAccount object. I found it strange that single runbook object can not be CreateOrUpdate()-ed, but collection of them can be, I'll try it in the next days and will update you.
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Kenji Elzerman 10-Feb-23 14:06pm    
Thank you for your reply. I continued my search for this as well and I followed the path with the Azure Management API, but it gave me errors in the last step, where I used the URL for connecting the Runbook and the schedule. I too will look into your suggestion as well, but if you want I could update the questions with my new findings. Let me know.
I think that this is what you are looking for: Job Schedule - Create - REST API (Azure Automation) | Microsoft Learn[^]
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