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I'm trying to find out a way to insert a Bitmap object to a word document using OpenXML. Can anybody give an example? I found some code snippet like

using (WordprocessingDocument wordprocessingDocument =
           WordprocessingDocument.Open(filepath, true)) 
        // ... 

But I already have a Bitmap object, I don't need to load any image from a file.

What I have tried:

private void CreateWordprocessingDocument(string filepath)
            using (WordprocessingDocument wordDocument =
                WordprocessingDocument.Create(filepath, WordprocessingDocumentType.Document))
                MainDocumentPart mainPart = wordDocument.AddMainDocumentPart();              
                mainPart.Document = new Document();
                Body body = mainPart.Document.AppendChild(new Body());
                Paragraph para = body.AppendChild(new Paragraph());
                Run run = para.AppendChild(new Run());
                foreach (string s in _myList)
                    run.AppendChild(new Text(s));
                    run.AppendChild(new Paragraph());
                //    ImagePart ip = wordDocument.MainDocumentPart.AddImagePart(ImagePartType.Jpeg);
                //    using (FileStream fs = new FileStream(file, FileMode.Open))
                //    {
                //        ip.FeedData(fs);
                //    }
                    run.AppendChild(new Break() { Type = BreakValues.Page });
Updated 28-Dec-22 16:50pm

1 solution

I did a quick Google search using your question: How can I insert a bitmap object (not a file) into a word document using openxml? - Google Search[^] and the 3rd search result was to this CodeProject article: Inserting an Image into an "inline shape" in Word Document using Microsoft Open XML SDK[^]. It looks like it will do what you want.

There is also the official documentation: How to: Insert a picture into a word processing document (Open XML SDK) | Microsoft Learn[^]
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Member 15696747 1-Jan-23 6:23am    
What I'm trying to do is to avoid saving images in files, I already have these images as Bitmap objects in program, I don't need to load them from files. That's why I'm searching for a way to use Bitmaps directly without a FileStream object.
Graeme_Grant 1-Jan-23 6:24am    
The brief research that I have done suggests what you want and what is possible may not be the same thing.

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