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const [sidebarData] = useState([
   { name: t('menuItems.consignors'), link: CONSIGNORS_PATH },
   userLevel === 3 || userLevel === 4 ? { name: t('menuItems.commission'), link: COMMISSION_PATH } : {},
   userLevel !== 1 ? { name: t('menuItems.consignedOut'), link: CONSIGNEE_PATH } : {}

i didn't understand this logic can you please explain this logic.

What I have tried:

i have to do some changement in this
Updated 20-Dec-22 7:17am
Member 15627495 20-Dec-22 10:00am    
it's a syntax for "if then else", with as 'test' a double value involved.
 condition ? { then here... } : { else here }

the '||' is 'OR', one or the other. if one at less test is ok, it jump to the first ( in then.. ).
if the two value return (false or true), it goes to the else part ( and instructions ).

// one detail is that the 'else' part are empty.
I won't comment about obsfucating or something like that.
this test make 'no operations' if the value is different from 3 and 4 or if == 1.

// as Js grant it, an array can store and process functions too with just fill slots.
It's mixed arrays. there are vars, function , objects in mixed types arrays.

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