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I have a windows form project that uses an Access database backend. I am trying to write a query to show only one month of data with the month specified. The query I use in VB has the WHERE clause thus; WHERE Month([Date]) = 9.
This works in the Access query, but not in the VB form. I get an error that Month is not a recognized function. It works with access, and when I use it elsewhere on the form. The query filters with the form when I use a different criteria. I have been unable to find a solution.

What I have tried:

I have no idea how to fix this. My search has shown nothing.
Updated 18-Dec-22 7:45am
Graeme_Grant 14-Dec-22 20:03pm    
We can not see your screen on this page. Please update your question with the code and the complete error message.

You cannot use 'Month'. It is a function built into Access. It's not even part of the SQL specification.

I assume you're using the Select method on a Datatable object to filter records. The supported query language is described here[^].

You would have to create a range of dates, not just the month number, like:
DateRow[] filtered = table.Select("DateCol >= #9/1/2022# AND DateCol <= #9/30/2022#");
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BobbyStrain 14-Dec-22 22:31pm    
Dave, Thank you for your response. I looked again after I posted this question and found your answer here in 2011. It's not easy to find. I don't use SQL often, so I sometimes get stuck with simple things. Now I'll move to the next challenge. I am building a front-end to an Access database for a garden club to track their budget. They have been using Word to post to members. So tracking and auditing can take days. Add to this they are mostly Seniors, so I have to make it simple. I couldn't find anything free for the task.
CHill60 15-Dec-22 4:31am    
"I couldn't find anything free for the task." - have a look at Featured Access templates - Microsoft Support[^] and see if you can adapt one of those - in particular one of Budgets -[^]
BobbyStrain 15-Dec-22 23:34pm    
I did find one but it seemed too complex for my simple needs. I prefer a single table if it fits. My databases are never very large, and only used by a single user.
Use sql datepart to separate month from date.

Select * from Table where Datepart(Month,Field_name)=9
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BobbyStrain 18-Dec-22 13:54pm    
Thank you.
Amitkumaryadava 18-Dec-22 17:40pm    
mark my solution as answers
Richard Deeming 19-Dec-22 5:17am    
Begging people to "accept" your solution is seen as rep-point hunting, and is not tolerated here.
BobbyStrain 19-Dec-22 10:28am    
Richard, I'll take responsibility for this. I inadvertently rejected the solution. It was correct, however. So he was just asking for a correction. I wasn't paying enough attention to what I was doing. So, please accept my apology.

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