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what i am trying to do is that on a event of checkbox clicked i want values from one text box to appear in another text box and the second text box should become disabled.

What I have tried:

@model EmployeeJoiningPortal.Data.CanditateBasicInformation

    ViewData["Title"] = "Edit";
    Layout = "~/Views/Shared/_UserLayout1.cshtml";

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
    <script src=""></script>

        function getphone() {

            var istrasnportphonechecked = document.getElementById("getPhone");

            var permannentnumber = document.getElementById("personalphone");

            var phonefortransport = document.getElementById("getPhone";)

            if (istrasnportphonechecked.ariaChecked == true) {

                let phonefortransport = permannentnumber.ariaValueNow;

            else {
                let phonefortransport ="";


        h1 {
            text-align: center;
    <h1>Section 1: Employee Information</h1>
    <div class="container">
    <div class="row">
            <form asp-action="Edit">
                <div asp-validation-summary="ModelOnly" class="text-danger"></div>
                <input type="hidden" asp-for="CanditateId" />

                <div class="row mb-2">
                    <label class="col-sm-2 col-form-label">Mobile Number</label>
                    <div class="col-sm-3">
                        <input asp-for="CanditateMobileNumber" class="form-control" id="personalphone" placeholder="+91-1234567890" />
                        <span asp-validation-for="CanditateMobileNumber" class="text-danger"></span>

                <div class="row mb-2">
                    <label class="col-sm-2 col-form-label">Required Company Transport</label>
                    <div class="col-sm-2">
                        @*<label asp-for="CanditatePrefix">Prefix</label>*@
                        <select asp-for="CanditateTransportRequestStatus" class="form-control" asp-items="Html.GetEnumSelectList<EmployeeJoiningPortal.Data.CanditateBasicInformation.transportstatus>()">
                        <span asp-validation-for="CanditateTransportRequestStatus" class="text-danger"></span>
                <div class="row mb-2">
                    <label class="col-sm-2 col-form-label">Phone Number For Company Transport</label>
                    <div class="col-sm-3">
                        <input asp-for="CanditateTransportPhoneNumber" class="form-control" placeholder="012-2345 7890" />
                        <span asp-validation-for="CanditateTransportPhoneNumber" class="text-danger"></span>
                    <div class="col-sm-2">
                        <input type="checkbox" onclick="getphone()" id="getPhone"  name="filladdress">
                        <span asp-validation-for="IsPhoneSame" class="text-danger">Same as Mobile Number</span>

                <div class="form-group">
                    <input  type="submit" style="float:right;" value="Next"  class="btn btn-primary" />

        <a asp-action="Index">Back to List</a>
Updated 13-Dec-22 23:00pm
BillWoodruff 13-Dec-22 0:47am    
and what result from what you tried ? error message ? text does not appear in textbox as expected ? or ? where is the code that disables the textbox ?
Member 15627495 13-Dec-22 1:20am    
'aria' is a special feature, not the common one.

1 solution

Your script is extremely confused, and has several syntax errors.

Based on the vague description, you're looking for something like:
const isPhoneSame = document.getElementById("getPhone");
const personalPhoneNumber = document.getElementById("personalphone");
const transportPhoneNumber = document.getElementById("CanditateTransportPhoneNumber");

const updatePhoneNumber = (clearIfDifferent) => {
    if (isPhoneSame.checked) {
        transportPhoneNumber.value = personalPhoneNumber.value;
        transportPhoneNumber.readOnly = true;
    } else {
        if (clearIfDifferent) { transportPhoneNumber.value = ""; }
        transportPhoneNumber.readOnly = false;

// Copy the phone number when the checkbox is checked/unchecked:
isPhoneSame.addEventListener("click", () => updatePhoneNumber(true));

// If the phone numbers are the same, update the transport phone when the personal phone changes:
personalPhoneNumber.addEventListener("change", () => updatePhoneNumber(false));
personalPhoneNumber.addEventListener("input", () => updatePhoneNumber(false));
personalPhoneNumber.addEventListener("blur", () => updatePhoneNumber(false));

You'll want to remove the onclick attribute from the checkbox, as the event handler is attached via code:
<input type="checkbox" id="getPhone" name="filladdress">

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