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Hey before you flag me for not meeting your requirements understand that this is a genuine question:

Good day i would like to create an email hosting platform using Node js


What I have tried:

I've tried researching different ways of going about it, all i find are gmail friendly platforms Thanks.
Updated 16-Nov-22 2:27am

My vote of 1. You didn't ask a question at all. You just made a statement that you want to create an email platform. OK. Permission granted, please proceed.

Now, if you meant to ask a question about how to do that, you just said you don't have a clue what you're doing and how big of a project this really is, and its a MASSIVE undertaking. For example, do you know anything at all about the various mail protocols? SMTP? POP3? IMAP? The use and management of certificates? SSL? TLS? If you don't know anything about those protocols, your project is dead before you even begin. You're going to have to do a lot of reading and experimentation to understand those protocols so you can write a server to implement them.
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Start here: self hosting email - Google Search[^]
But be aware, you have a lot of reading to do ... and node.js is probably not a good starting point.
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You will need to learn RFC 5321: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol[^].
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