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Hello everyone
i have created a word automation and email sending project (Sorry for my poor english) which automatically put the values according to the variables i have placed but for each week i have to renmae it like Report_OCT2022_First_Week

how to automate it like
var filename= Report_monthvariable+yearvariable_weekvariable

i know that we can use switch statement for the year variable but i don't know how to apply it here also for week

Please Help me to solve this

Thanks in advance

What I have tried:

used this for from and to date

var fromDate = fldFromDate.ToString("dd/MM/yyyy");
var toDate = fldToDate.ToString("dd/MM/yyyy");

var fldFromdateTodate = fromDate + " " + "to" + " " + toDate;
Updated 3-Nov-22 20:11pm

1 solution

To get the week number you can use: Calendar.GetWeekOfYear()
See: Calendar.GetWeekOfYear(DateTime, CalendarWeekRule, DayOfWeek) Method (System.Globalization) | Microsoft Learn[^]

Here is some code from the CodeProject article Converting Numbers to Text in C#[^]
private static string ConvertDigitToString(int i)
            switch (i)
                case 0: return "";
                case 1: return "one";
                case 2: return "two";
                case 3: return "three";
                case 4: return "four";
                case 5: return "five";
                case 6: return "six";
                case 7: return "seven";
                case 8: return "eight";
                case 9: return "nine";
                    throw new IndexOutOfRangeException(String.Format("{0} not a digit",i));

        //assumes a number between 10 & 19
        private static string ConvertTeensToString(int n)
            switch (n)
                case 10: return "ten";
                case 11: return "eleven";
                case 12: return "twelve";
                case 13: return "thirteen";
                case 14: return "fourteen";
                case 15: return "fiveteen";
                case 16: return "sixteen";
                case 17: return "seventeen";
                case 18: return "eighteen";
                case 19: return "nineteen";
                    throw new IndexOutOfRangeException(String.Format("{0} not a teen", n));

        //assumes a number between 20 and 99
        private static string ConvertHighTensToString(int n)
            int tensDigit = (int)( Math.Floor((double)n / 10.0));

            string tensStr;
            switch (tensDigit)
                case 2: tensStr = "twenty"; break;
                case 3: tensStr = "thirty"; break;
                case 4: tensStr = "forty"; break;
                case 5: tensStr = "fifty"; break;
                case 6: tensStr = "sixty"; break;
                case 7: tensStr = "seventy"; break;
                case 8: tensStr = "eighty"; break;
                case 9: tensStr = "ninety"; break;
                    throw new IndexOutOfRangeException(String.Format("{0} not in range 20-99", n));
            if (n % 10 == 0) return tensStr;
            string onesStr = ConvertDigitToString(n - tensDigit * 10);
            return tensStr + "-" + onesStr;
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Manojkumar-dll 4-Nov-22 2:16am    
Thank you so much i'll try it out

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