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I have created a barcode validator, and some of the barcodes we get may be in a format such as (03) 15645 132156464
I would like to remove only spaces and brackets. I do not want to remove anything else, such as Barcode pending

Although I can probably use string.Replace, I want to give Regex a go.

What I have tried:

So far I have found I can do the following...
string sampleBarcode = "(03) 15645 132156464";

// Remove spaces
sampleBarcode = Regex.Replace(sampleBarcode, @"\s+", "");

// Remove opening brackets
sampleBarcode = Regex.Replace(sampleBarcode, @"\(", "");

// Remove closing brackets
sampleBarcode = Regex.Replace(sampleBarcode, @"\)", "");

What I cannot figure out, is how to do this with just the one Regex statement.

Any help is appreciated.
Updated 27-Oct-22 22:40pm

Figured it out.

sampleBarcode = Regex.Replace(sampleBarcode, @"\s+|\(+|\)+", "");
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Your example as shown doesn;t work: it leaves ")" characters.
And a simpler version would be:
which does it on a character-by-character basis.

If you are going to use Regexes, then get a copy of Expresso[^] - it's free, and it examines, tests, and generates Regular expressions.
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Grant Mc 28-Oct-22 5:02am    
Your right, this works well.
Spent three hours looking for this, and the answer is soo simple.

Appreciate your assistance.
OriginalGriff 28-Oct-22 5:21am    
You're welcome!

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