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I am struggling to create a logic to my void method using c++ standard libraries. Basically the code must do the following and currently the code has no implementation yet and stuck.

What I have tried:

<pre>#include <map>
template<typename K, typename V>
class interval_map {
	friend void IntervalMapTest();
	V m_valBegin;
	std::map<K,V> m_map;
	// constructor associates whole range of K with val
	interval_map(V const& val)
	: m_valBegin(val)

	// Assign value val to interval [keyBegin, keyEnd).
	// Overwrite previous values in this interval.
	// Conforming to the C++ Standard Library conventions, the interval
	// includes keyBegin, but excludes keyEnd.
	// If !( keyBegin < keyEnd ), this designates an empty interval,
	// and assign must do nothing.

void assign( K const& keyBegin, K const& keyEnd, V const& val ) {


// look-up of the value associated with key
	V const& operator[]( K const& key ) const {
		auto it=m_map.upper_bound(key);
		if(it==m_map.begin()) {
			return m_valBegin;
		} else {
			return (--it)->second;
Updated 6-Sep-22 5:19am

1 solution

I think you can use an iterator to do this.
void assign( K const& keyBegin, K const& keyEnd, V const& val )
    for( auto it = m_map.find( keyBegin ); * it != keyEnd; ++it )
        * it = val;
I think that will get you close. I'm not sure because I haven't tried it with a compiler.
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Gcobani Mkontwana 6-Sep-22 18:30pm    
@Rick York thanks so much, now left with second iteration. Do you mind help need to look for // look-up of the value associated with key.
Rick York 6-Sep-22 18:33pm    
I already showed you - find :

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