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Hello Everyone,

I want to pass below string parameter from cmd to ps1. The string that I want to pass has spaces in between. As a result, I believe, it is not able to read the entire string.

string parameter -
\\\afhb-emea\GROUP\IND\IT\SharedServices\Pune Ravet\Test

Please help me how can I pass such string parameter containing spaces in between so that I can correctly read it in the powershell.

What I have tried:

I am passing string parameter to ps1 from cmd as below :

powershell.exe archive_files.ps1 -path "\\\afhb-emea\GROUP\IND\IT\SharedServices\Pune Ravet\Test" -days 0 -months 0 -years 2

I am reading above string in powershell script as below :

param (
write-host "Files to delete from Path is $path"

It is giving below output once I run it :

Files to delete from Path is \\\afhb-emea\GROUP\IND\IT\SharedServices\Pune
Updated 24-Aug-22 6:12am
Comments 24-Aug-22 8:35am    
Try the ideas which were posted @

1 solution

Just put it in double quotes:
Foo.ps1 "\\\afhb-emea\GROUP\IND\IT\SharedServices\Pune Ravet\Test"
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