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I work on sql server 2019 i face issue can't solve it

i need to display chemicalid that have different on chemicalmass and chemicalmassmodified

but if there are difference 0.01 then not display it as different i will consider it equal

so if difference between chemical mass and chemical mass modified is 0.01 i will consider it as equal and not difference

if difference between chemical mass and chemical mass modified is more than 0.01 then i will consider it difference

create table #mass
 chemicalid  int,
 chemicalmass float,
 chemicalmassmodified float
 insert into #mass(chemicalid,chemicalmass,chemicalmassmodified)

Expected Result as below

chemicalid	chemicalmass	chemicalmassmodified
67901	13	14
33022	71	71.5
47211	1.5	1.52

What I have tried:

select * from #mass where 
chemicalmass <> chemicalmassmodified
Updated 28-Jun-22 0:45am
Richard MacCutchan 28-Jun-22 6:43am    
You need to calculate the difference between the two values and compare that to 0.01. Which, as far as I can see, should give you:
55021  30.01  30.02
90341  72     72
20980   0.05   0.04
87001   1.23   1.22

1 solution

Substract one from the other and compare the absolute difference to 0.01

See SQL Server ABS() Function[^]

You may get anomalies from using float - see SQL: Newbie Mistake #1: Using float instead of decimal - The Bit Bucket[^]
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ahmed_sa 28-Jun-22 7:09am    
so how to solve issue and get expected result please
i try as below
FROM #mass
WHERE ABS(chemicalmass - chemicalmassmodified) > 0.01
but not working
CHill60 28-Jun-22 7:16am    
What does "not working" mean?
You are getting incorrect values because float only stores approximate values - read the link I provided. For example : for part 20980 the difference is 0.010000000000000001942890293094 - which is greater than 0.01

To get more accurate results use decimal for the column types instead. Then your code will work.

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