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I have multiple Sliders with the Code you find below, they work how they should work, but I use this exact Code for at least 10 Sliders and it will show the Values of v1 and v2 just at the first Slider. How can I make all Sliders be able to have their value ?


<div class="range-text"</div>
<section class="range-container" style="margin-left: 75px;">
    <input id="MIN" class="rangeslider" value="0.2" min="0.1" max="2" step="0.1" type="range">
    <input id="MAX" class="rangeslider" value="0.3" min="0.1" max="2" step="0.1" type="range">


$(document).ready(function () {
    let rangeText = document.getElementsByClassName('range-text')[0]
    let rangeContainers = Array.from(document.getElementsByClassName('range-container'));
    let rangeSliders = Array.from( => container.getElementsByTagName('input')).pop());

    rangeSliders.forEach(input => {
        if (input.type === 'range') {
            input.oninput = grabValues

    function grabValues() {
        const parent = this.parentNode,
            slides = Array.from(parent.getElementsByTagName('input'));

        let v1 = parseFloat(slides[0].value),
            v2 = parseFloat(slides[1].value);

        if (v1 >= v2) {
            const tmp = v2;
            v2 = v1;
            v1 = tmp;

        rangeText.innerHTML = `${v1}mm${v2}mm`;


What I have tried:

I tried the Code which is linked

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