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Hello everyone,

I'm building a sketch website where I am trying to introduce different types of sketches including pencil sketches, color sketches, IG-like filters, and more.

I'm an initial phase where I am exploring the possible technologies I can use to make this happen.

I would like to hear from the community on what should be the best tech stack to ensure the website is scalable and also offers flexibility to users to change scales, crop, and download the images. I plan to keep the images in base64 format to ensure I do not need to store them anywhere.

What I have tried:

I've explored a few options including:

Canvas JS - a library that works based on HTML5 canvas
Php imagick
python opencv

I tried a few websites which do the same thing close to perfect, for example - Sketch My Pic

Please suggest?
Updated 22-Jun-22 6:27am

1 solution

Maybe you can use one of these open-source-command-line-image-conversion-tools[^]
And also take a look at: what-are-the-most-enjoyable-programming-languages-for-web-development[^]

Another option might be the OpenCV library which can be used from JavaScript:
OpenCV: OpenCV.js Tutorials[^]

They have an example of an image scaling that you can try out live:
OpenCV: Geometric Transformations of Images[^]
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Member 15678123 22-Jun-22 12:37pm    
I've tried a few of these today, but the problem is the processing time + ability to change the scales - it's adds a lot of server processing.
Member 15678123 22-Jun-22 22:36pm    
is it possible to reverse engineer a website on what my competitor might be using? I am now allowed to post links here but there are a few you can find if you google sketch pic

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