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Hi i am trying to store a text file in mangoDb. the text file has data of some generated hashes. but i am receiving this error when i try to store file.
 "failing because no such method exists." % self.__name.split(".")[-1]
TypeError: 'Collection' object is not callable. If you meant to call the 'insert' method on a 'Collection' object it is failing because no such method exists.

 from pymongo import MongoClient
client = MongoClient()
db = client.test_database  # use a database called "test_database"
collection = db.files   # and inside that DB, a collection called "files"

f = open('hashes.txt')  # open a file

# build a document to be inserted
text_file_doc = {"file_name": "hashes.txt"}
# insert the contents into the "file" collection
What I have tried:

i have tried above code .but got errors i aslo tried it with insert_one and insert_many but still errors.

What I have tried:

I have tried above code but getting errors. i aslo tried insert_one and insert_many but not useful .
Updated 12-Jun-22 6:20am
Richard MacCutchan 12-Jun-22 8:57am    
The error message you have shown does not contain a reference to the code you have posted.
Ayesha Tassaduq 12-Jun-22 10:12am    
Full error message
File "C:/Users/DELL/PycharmProjects/ourfirstpycharmproject/", line 124, in <module>
File "C:\Users\DELL\PycharmProjects\ourfirstpycharmproject\venv\lib\site-packages\pymongo\", line 675, in insert_many
raise TypeError("documents must be a non-empty list")
TypeError: documents must be a non-empty list
Richard MacCutchan 12-Jun-22 10:51am    
Have you checked that your MongoDB instance is running, as described at Tutorial — PyMongo 4.1.1 documentation[^]?

See also Tutorial — PyMongo 4.1.1 documentation[^].
Ayesha Tassaduq 12-Jun-22 12:03pm    
is there any other way to store a text file ?
Richard MacCutchan 12-Jun-22 12:29pm    
Yes, many ways. It all depends on what you are trying to achieve.

1 solution

I just tested this with the MongoDB server running and it works correctly. You need to make sure you have a server instance running on your system.
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Ayesha Tassaduq 12-Jun-22 16:03pm    
ok i am trying to do it.. will tell you of if i succeed
Ayesha Tassaduq 12-Jun-22 17:36pm    
Thank you so much because of your guidance finally my file data is uploaded to the database may god bless you jazakALLAH.
Richard MacCutchan 13-Jun-22 2:58am    
You are welcome.

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