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I wrote a .NET library that automatically forward some emails for a newsletter but am unsure as what the best way to deploy it is.

Ideally, I'd like an easy way to monitor its state for whenever the service either stopped working or the certificates expired, etc.

What I have tried:

The most braindead way I could think of would be to wrap it up in a window scheduled task and send daily emails to an admin just to notify that the service is still running and report some eventual errors that were detected.
Updated 28-May-22 3:45am

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I worked on a similar project, where we need to monitor users activity on daily basis. All users were business owners so we had to be careful.

We had a custom exception system. Only time the admins were noticed via email(also via sms) were when an unknown or a red flagged exception occurs.

Besides that we had a pretty basic desktop desktop app, which we daily check about account healths, tickets etc. This desktop app didn't have a pretty ui since only the admins/developers were using it. And we didn't bother with WPF also. That was a pretty solid windows form app.

In our case, there isn't any special API or web service. The server was working on company network and this app can only be used inside the company network. It was a direct connecton to the database. If this isn't the case for you, you must implement a new API for this purpose.

I hope this could help you in a way.
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