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Would it be correct to say that frontend softwares as well as viruses are connected to backend softwares as well as the O.S. itself through automation and COM...?

What I have tried:

Read about Automation and COM Objects
Updated 9-Apr-22 0:19am

No, it would not be correct. You need to look at each individual application to see how they connect. COM and automation are used in many, but not all applications.
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Member 12712527 9-Apr-22 5:39am    
Okay thanks for increasing my knowledge a bit. That means not all but some suppose database sw uses this technique. Sir one thing....Developing Activex objects is a special technique. How C# could help me in this regard...?
Richard MacCutchan 9-Apr-22 5:49am    
This is the Quick Answers forum. If you want to learn about some technique or framework then you should use Google to find white papers and tutorials. BTW, ActiveX is dead.
Member 12712527 9-Apr-22 5:52am    
If ActiveX is dead then how come the softwares connect each other...
Member 12712527 9-Apr-22 5:56am    
What are ActiveX...The dlls and the exe-s. class library can be developed c# working similar to ActiveX Objects
Richard MacCutchan 9-Apr-22 7:33am    
Forget ActiveX, it is no longer supported.
If ActiveX is dead then how come the softwares connect each other...
ActiveX is dead and has been for a very long time, because it's a very insecure way to do things.

Modern software uses Sockets to process communications between separate apps.

And not all software is divided into "front end" and "back end": some is, some isn't.

Forget OLE automation: think about your problem from a modern software perspective instead.
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Member 12712527 9-Apr-22 11:48am    
Sir I'm now developing a report builder software through which you could view reports generated from several databases. for that i have to connect to databases and the report builder. As we have GUI so a specific table/tables on which report has to be generated. For that reason i was thinking of ole automation
Member 12712527 9-Apr-22 11:52am    
Sir I agree absolutely that activex is dead but there is COM Interop through which I could call external database into my app. If this process is posible then please guide me
Member 12712527 9-Apr-22 11:59am    
Oh...! Another thing i forget to tell; that is my reportbuilder sw could connect to other sw suppose a graph-designer sw and provide oppurtunity to design that graph sw within my sw.

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