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I have a web application that loads div pages in a div container but when i refresh that page the div goes to the first loaded div. i would like to keep the current selected div even after page is refreshed. Any help will be apricated.

What I have tried:

$('ul#nav li a').click(function(){
				var page = $(this).attr('href');
               var sp = $("#sp").val();
 var mo = $("#mo").val();   
 var ut = $("#ut").val();
				$('#main-content').load(''+ page +'.php', {sp: sp,ut: ut,mo: mo});
				return false;
Updated 23-Mar-22 9:33am

1 solution

You could use JavaScript to save a flag value in localStorage then, if the value exists you can set the div properly.
See the localStorage api at: Window.localStorage - Web APIs | MDN[^]


Then next time page loads you check the value:
let targetDivId = localStorage.getItem("makeDiv1st");

This should all probably be done without the page refresh but this is one workaround that may work for you.
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