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Hi i have an issue on how to update fields on select change, in repeater fields using Javascript api.

I have and select object that pulls values from another post with Ajax and PHP, and i am getting values. But i would like to update fields, in my repeater fields in the row, with values. But i cannot target my fields, when select dropdown changes..

This is my code

$field.on("change", function(e) {
                    // ajax request
                        type: "POST",
                        dataType: 'text',
                        url: ajax_url,
                        data: {
                            action: 'call_update', //the action is set when you added wp_ajax_ at the beginning of this answer.
                            postId: value,
                            nonce: wp_nonce
                        success: function(response) {
                            data = JSON.parse(response);
                        error: function(jqxhr, textStatus, errorThrown) {


And in my success method i would like to update repeater fields

function success(data) {
                //acf.doAction('new_field', data);
                //alert(data.title + data.images);
 var title = acf.getField('field_6144c465a849c');

                //repeater = acf.getField('field_6144c42ea849b');

                //let sub_fields = [];

                //repeater.children('td.acf-field').each((i, $el) => {
                //    sub_fields[i] = acf.getField($el);
                //// show sub fields                    


But how do i target subfields with javascript, i can only find how i target field by key, and then it updates all fields trough all repeater rows.

Regards Martin

What I have tried:

Tried to get fields by children in parent, and to use a filter method, acf own documentation is lagging on information on how to get subfields in repeater
Updated 22-Mar-22 6:20am

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