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I am trying to load a form inside another form I want it to look something like this.[^][^]

What I have tried:

I have tried just simply loading the form, loading it as a dialog, loading it using bunifu utils.
Updated 29-Dec-21 17:05pm
Maciej Los 29-Dec-21 15:08pm    
What have you tried till now? Please, improve your question and provide a code you've already written.

Instead of creating it as a form, create it as a UserControl.
Then you can display it as a form itself (just the control on it's own in a form) or as part of an existing form as a control.

See here: UserControl Class (System.Windows.Forms) | Microsoft Docs[^]
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Maciej Los 29-Dec-21 15:17pm    
CPallini 12-Jan-22 16:04pm    
OriginalGriff is right.
If you want to use a form, you have to use a code like this:

Form1 insideForm = new Form1();
insideForm.TopLevel = false;

As you can see you have to do 4 steps:
1) create an instance of form you want to show inside another form,
2) change its TopLevel Property[^] to false
3) add that form to the controls of main form,
4) show a "inside-form"

That's all!

Good luck!
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BillWoodruff 29-Dec-21 22:51pm    
Voted #1: Putting a Form inside another Form is always a bad idea. In this case the user asks how to load a Form.
Maciej Los 30-Dec-21 0:27am    
Bill, seems you don't read my answer carefully. I stated in my very first sentence that OG is right. The second part of my answer is for hardheaded people.
Btw: i've not found official documentation which states that using form inside a form is a bad practice. If you can share link to that i'll be glad.
BillWoodruff 30-Dec-21 6:09am    
Your solution is logically inconsistent: you say OG's is correct, and it is ... then, you show an example of inserting a Form into another Form's Controls which is not only a bad practice, but also is not relevant to the OP's question.
0x01AA 30-Dec-21 11:02am    
Sorry Sir, but I think you really need to explain what 'the bad idea' is. Even VS Ide does use that extremely extensively.
0x01AA 30-Dec-21 8:59am    
Have my tiny 5 against the monster 1
1) bunifu utils: you may want to ask your question on whatever resource this code library provides. i have no idea how whatever it does might affect your scenario.

2) your screen-shots are so dark i can't read them with my old eyes.

3) you create an instance of another Form in the code in another Form, often the "main Form" in a WinForm App.

4) you do not call the 'Load event directly: that is called automatically when you use 'Show or 'ShowDialog.

5. if you wish the new Form to always remain above the Form that created it on the screen: set the 'Owner Property of the new Form.
// inside the main form
Form2 f2;

// inside the main form's 'Load event handler
f2 = new Form2();
f2.Owner = this;
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New up a form and use the Show() method.

The short answer in code is:

System.Windows.Forms.Form f = new System.Windows.Forms.Form();
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Maciej Los 29-Dec-21 15:16pm    
No. It will show a form out of another form, but not inside another form

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