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Hi all.I started working as a junior java developer at my workplace. But I am facing some problems. The moment I worked was actually understanding what a back end developer was doing. But I couldn't understand. I finally realized something, that What the back end developer actually did was this. It either creates an API or creates the client side to send requests to any API. Later, I realized that we need to create requests and responses as soon as we do them. We need to store the responses we receive from the requests we send in dtos. Then we need to map the dtos to the entities. At the end, we perform crud operations on the entities. In short, a back end developer simply pulls data and adds it to another location or database. But I'm having a hard time doing these without GUI. I mean I have difficulty in doing things like sending a request and getting a response using only postman on the back end of something. Because I have a hard time doing the business logic side of something without seeing its GUI. As we know, everything in the web world takes place through requests and responses. I'm having a problem with getting the request from the client and doing the business logic part requested from us about it and returning a response. My friends, you shouldn't have any trouble writing the back end side to me without the GUI. Because you are a back end developers. How and with what video tutorials can I improve writing the back end of any task without a GUI?

What I have tried:

I'm having a hard time finding anything about it.
Gerry Schmitz 26-Dec-21 13:21pm    
The back-end libraries should be designed in such a way they can be called by any "caller"; that's what (WEB / MVC) "controllers" are for. For a Windows app, it might be a "view model" (MVVM) or "code-behind" that provides support for the UI -> library / API.
[no name] 26-Dec-21 14:20pm    
You have not been fully informed.
Gerry Schmitz 27-Dec-21 11:01am    
If you "know it all", why are you asking the questions?
Richard MacCutchan 27-Dec-21 3:01am    
You really need to discuss this with your manager. If the company is paying you then they should make sure that you have the training and tools required to do your job.

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