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I have an SSIS solution where depending on a parameter, it launches the extraction of different databases, each in a different file, and the name must contain the date of the extraction so we can't hard code the name in the Destination wizard, I must use a variable where I concatenate the date to a file name, and I have to use that variable as the file name.

What I have tried:

I crateated this variable : "C:\\Users\\Nemos\\Desktop\\H\\T\\INC\\Contrats_INC" +"_" + (DT_WSTR, 06) @[User::VMois_EXEC] +"_VD" +".csv"
In the propreties of my file i added an expression as a connection string and i droped my varaiable.
Still won't work
Updated 15-Nov-21 3:46am

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houssem eddine ayari 15-Nov-21 10:15am    
I did the same thing but the problem continues. Error: "Unable to open data file 'C: \ Users \ Nemos \ Desktop \ H\ T\ Contrats_INC_202110_VD.csv"."
If the files doesnt exist i added delay validation and still not working
phil.o 15-Nov-21 10:35am    
You could try to put the file in a folder with no restrictions for anyone, and test whether it is an access-rights issue.

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