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Suppose the project has Module1, Module2, Module3; and that a developer user User1, wants to deliver Module2 without source (only compiled).

User1 must be able to use the procedures of Module2, but must not have the source, can it be done? (DCU modules existed in Delphi)

What I have tried:

Module2.cs contain source and is in path project; but the equivalent compiled of Module2 in which folder is ?
Updated 14-Nov-21 2:49am
0x01AA 13-Nov-21 13:40pm    
Not sure, but I think you search for something like this:
Build and Install Packages in Delphi IDE using InnoSetup –[^]

Yes, you can: just build them as separate assemblies and add references to the DLL files (or EXE files, in .NET the only difference is the latter has an executable stub entry point and the former doesn't) to your main EXE project.

The DLLs are then distributed with the main EXE file and the source remains behind.

Bear in mind though that .NET compiles to an Intermediate Language, and it is very easy to reverse the compilation and regenerate the source code. You may want to consider obfuscation to prevent that source being too usable!
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In addition to what OriginalGriff said, here are some options for obfuscation:
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