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Currently I am working in Migration project. It is Visual basic application. Database is Sql server. Database connection strings are declared in INI (text) file and configured with Visual basic coding.

Client expectation is to migrate the on premise database to AWS RDS. Our DevOps team clearly said that they are not provide password to access the database even for INI file also and using AWS ARN (Amazon Resource Name) key only we can connect database manually to sql server or through application also.

I am stuck here only that How can I connect sql server database using AWS ARN key through visual basic application. I am not able to get help from my organization because this is the first migration project using AWS ARN key and I am the only person working in visual basic and sql server. This is the help I need from Codeproject team. Please ask if you need more clarification.

Thank You.

What I have tried:

I tried to use Amazon Resource Name key instead of AWS hostname in Sql server management studio.
Updated 9-Aug-21 3:38am

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From my experience with AWS, an ARN (Amazon Resource Name) is simply an identifier used to identify a service within AWS, it's not necessarily anything to do with credentials. Here's the Amazon page for RDS ARN[^]

As I understand it, if your DevOps team aren't willing to share credentials they should be looking at creating an IAM [^] instead, which is a way for your DevOps team to create a personalised security profile which has limited access to AWS resources. You can read up on this documentation page[^] for more information on that.

Personally, I wouldn't see an issue with having access to credentials to access the database so long as the role has only the permissions needed. However some companies can be extremely strict over that sort of thing, so using things like ARN and IAM tend to be more secure.
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Member 10556393 9-Aug-21 23:14pm    

Thank you for your solution. It is somewhat ok I can understand but not fully.

My expectation is how to implement AWS ARN key in source coding level or in DB Connection string level?
Chris Copeland 10-Aug-21 4:09am    
You won't be able to connect directly via an ARN because your ODBC connectors don't understand how to translate the ARN descriptor into a connection string. Instead you are going to need the database address. You need to speak to your DevOps team and explain the situation and ask for all the information needed to establish an ODBC connection to the database.
Member 10556393 10-Aug-21 5:30am    

We cannot use ARN for ODBC connection and for Visual basic application. We need to connect with hostname, username and Password only. This is my understanding. Is it Correct?

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