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Hi Folks,

I am working on an online exam for my team using ASP.NET and Oracle and the solution has a lot of business rules and checks stored in the backend which delays the processing time.
Any thoughts on the technology I should use to upgrade the existing system?

What I have tried:

I am trying to check the methods consuming more memory and trying to modularize to normalize it.
Updated 1-Jun-21 23:29pm
Gerry Schmitz 1-Jun-21 21:11pm    
You need to identify where the bottleneck is; and it probably isn't in the "rules and checks".

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It sounds to me that you are doing this the wrong way round: loading stuff into "the backend" that should rightly be elsewhere.

Validation is the processes of checking to ensure that the data entered is sensible and reasonable. It does not check the accuracy of data. This is a Presentation Layer function done at the browser end.

Business rule and checks are part of the Business Layer - back end processing in the web server to ensure that the validated data meets the business criteria.

Data storage is the Data Layer - back end processing, but offloaded to the Database Server which will not usually be the same physical machine as the web server.

From your vague description, it sound like you are trying to do everything in the Web server or even the DB server, and that will slug everything to a crawl.

Start by using Stopwatch instance to time the code you have so you have a yardstick to work from: then you can start refining that yardstick to find where the bottlenecks actually are, and where you need to concentrate your attention: there is no point in tightly optimising a method that takes only 1% of the total processing time if another stage is taking 70%!

Sorry, but we can;t do any of that for you: it needs your system running on your hardware, with yoru data, and your users - and we have no access to any of that!
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bristii 7-Jun-21 16:27pm    
Well that's true for a certain situation but in this case, the admin configures the rule from the front end and the system validates it based on the configuration.
Currently, we have different combinations of business logics that are configured from the front end as admin wanted that flexibility, that's the reason most of the rules were stored backend.
If everything is transferred to the front end system loses the flexibility of configuring and changing rules on the fly without making code changes.

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